Understanding Papillon Separation Anxiety

Does your Papillon have separation anxiety?  This is not a nice thing for any dog to have.  Luckily, this Papillon separation anxiety can be controlled – read on to find out more.Papillon Separation Anxiety

Is your Papillon quite content when left home alone?  Do they just play games, sleep and chew bones?  If this is the case then that is fantastic.  However, some Papillon’s aren’t so lucky and instead become very upset when left home alone – in fact, they may even start to develop separation anxiety as they begin to think that their owners may never come back.  This separation anxiety can lead to destructive behavior from your Papillon including barking, scratching and chewing.  Luckily, there are things you can do to help control Papillon separation anxiety – read on to learn more.

  • Leaving and returning home

    Do you give your Papillon a lot of attention before you leave your house and again on your return?  Well, this can actually increase Papillon separation anxiety. To avoid this, try to stop giving your Papillon any attention for at least five minutes before you leave your home.  On your return home, ignore your Papillon for another five minutes.  This may seem really hard but it needs to be done for the well-being of your beloved pet.

  • Keep your Papillon busy

    Keeping your pet busy while you’re out is a great way to help combat Papillon separation anxiety.  For instance, you could leave lots of fun toys for your Papillon to play with.  Or, you could even leave them a tasty bone to chew.  Your Papillon will be so busy having fun that they won’t have time to start feeling anxious.

  • Exercise your Papillon

    Did you know that a lack of exercise could actually increase the chances of your Papillon developing separation anxiety?  Therefore, make sure you exercise your Papillon every single day.  There are lots of ways you can exercise your Papillon including taking them for walks or by even taking them to a dog park for a run around.  Plus as a bonus, exercising your Papillon is a great way to bond with them.

  • Radio

    It’s a good idea to leave a radio on when you go out.  This will help in making your Papillon feel at ease and it may even help stop them becoming anxious.  As a tip, it’s best to choose a radio station that has plenty of talking.

  • Outside help

    If you are having a lot of trouble controlling your Papillon’s separation anxiety on your own then it may be time to get in some outside help.  One idea would be to hire a professional dog trainer.  They would be able to come to your home and would help you get the Papillon separation anxiety under control.

Papillon separation anxiety is not a nice thing for your beloved dog to have.  Therefore it is so important you get the situation under control as soon as possible.  So take the tips above and start controlling Papillon separation anxiety today.

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