Training a Papillon

Are you looking for some tips on training a Papillon?  Well you have come to the right place! So continue reading to learn some fantastic information on this topic.Training a Papillon

  • Patience
    You need to understand that your Papillon will not learn everything straight away but with time they will.  Therefore patience is key when training a Papillon.  So try not to get frustrated and instead remain patient throughout the entire Papillon training process.  And, just remember – your time will be well worth it, as you should end up with an obedient and well-trained Papillon.
  • Alpha Leadership
    Your Papillon will view you and your family as their ‘pack’.  Within this pack they will look for an alpha leader.  If there is no clear alpha leader then they may try to fulfill this role themselves, which in turn may lead to behavior problems from your Papillon.  However, you can stop this from happening by become the alpha leader yourself.  Once your Papillon see’s you as the alpha leader then they will be more likely to obey you and listen to you during training.  Therefore, start establishing your alpha leadership position the moment your Papillon enters your home.  The best way to do this is by making sure your Papillon only does certain things once you and your family have already completed them.  For example, your Papillon should only eat once you and your family have finished eating.  Secondly, they should always be the last to go through a doorway.
  • Be Consistent
    It’s so important to be consistent when training a Papillon.  If you are inconsistent then this will only confuse your Papillon, which in turn will just prolong your training.  The best ways to be consistent is by sticking to your chosen commands and rules.  For example, if you decide to use the command “sit” to get your Papillon to sit, then stick with this.  Do not suddenly decide to change it something like  “sitting time” at a later date.  Secondly, stick to your chosen rules.  If you decide on a rule that your Papillon is not allowed in your child’s bedroom then stick with this.  Do not allow them into your child’s room one day as a special treat.  So remember – be consistent!
  • Limit Distractions
    Before starting a training session it’s a good idea to look around for anything that may distract your Papillon.  Such distractions could be other animals or fun toys. By removing these distractions your Papillon will be much more likely to concentrate for the duration of the training session.
  • Rewarding your Papillon
    Rewards are great tools to use when training a Papillon as they will encourage your pet to repeat their good behavior.  For example, if your Papillon completes a command correctly, reward them with praise, affection or even a small doggy food treat.

There you have it – some great tips and advice for training a Papillon.  So what are you waiting for?  Start training your Papillon today!

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