Papillon Puppy Training

So you’ve adopted a new Papillon puppy?  How exciting!  Now comes the next step – training your gorgeous new pet!

The following tips and information will help you get started in Papillon puppy training.Papillon Puppy Training

Have Fun

It’s important to remember to have fun when Papillon puppy training.  Yes, at times you may get frustrated but try not to let your frustration get in the way.  Instead use this special training time with your new puppy to have fun and of course enhance the bond between you both.


The second thing to note is that patience is key when Papillon puppy training.  Your Papillon puppy will not become an expert at what you teach them straight away, but with time and patience they will.

Pack Order

Did you know that all dogs seek pack order?  Therefore your new Papillon puppy will view your family as their new pack.  Within this pack they will be looking for a clear alpha leader.  This alpha leader should ideally be you, their main trainer.  If your Papillon puppy see’s you in this alpha leader role then they will be a lot more likely to respect you and will listen more during training sessions.  The best way to establish your alpha leadership position is by doing everything before your Papillon puppy.  For instance you should always eat your food before your Papillon puppy and secondly you should always enter a doorway before they do.

Start Simply

Remember your Papillon puppy is only young.  Therefore it is best to begin simply when starting out Papillon puppy training.  For instance, a great place to begin would be with the basic commands: “sit”, “stay” and “down”.

Training Session Times
It’s best to train your Papillon puppy in a couple of shorter five to ten minute training sessions throughout the day, rather than one extra-long session once a day.  This is due to the fact that your Papillon puppy will not be able to concentrate for very long periods of time.

Rewarding your Papillon
Rewards are a great tool to use when Papillon puppy training.  For example, you could use a reward as a means to get your Papillon puppy to complete the “sit” command.  Rewards can be anything from simple cuddles and praise to even a yum doggy food treat.

Punishing your Papillon

Sometimes your Papillon puppy may misbehave or do something incorrectly during training.  If this occurs, it’s vital that you do not lash out.  This includes both yelling and hitting.  If you do either of these things then it may cause your Papillon puppy to become anxious which in turn may jeopardize all your hard work and training.  If you do need to tell your Papillon puppy off then do so calmly.  For instance you could say “no” in a firm yet calm voice.

There you have it, some great Papillon puppy training tips to get you started.  So why not start training your Papillon puppy today?  Before you know it you will have a well-trained, obedient and much loved member of your family.

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