Papillon Potty Training

Is it Papillon potty training time at your house?  Well then keep on reading as you may find the following tips and information on Papillon potty training rather handy!Papillon Potty Training

  • Start Early
    It’s best to start Papillon potty training as early as possible – ideally right from when your Papillon is a puppy.  If you do this then you will hopefully end up with fewer accidents on your nice clean floors!
  • Patience
    Patience is vital when Papillon potty training as your Papillon will not pick up everything straight away.  However, with time and patience they will.  So remember, be patience with your Papillon and try not to get too frustrated during the process.
  • Designated Potty Spot
    You will need to choose a designated area for where you want your Papillon to go potty.  Remember, this is the place your Papillon will go to every time they need to potty during the training process – so choose carefully.  A great idea would be to pick an out-of-the-way corner of your back yard.
  • Potty Command
    Next, you need to come up with a specific command you will say to your Papillon each time you wish them to go potty.  For example you could choose the command  “toilet”.  Repeat your chosen command each time you wish your Papillon to go potty in their designated potty sport.  Overtime, your Papillon will realize what this command means and they should know to go potty when they hear it.
  • Encouragement and Rewards
    It’s a good idea to use rewards when Papillon potty training as this will encourage your pet to repeat their good potty behavior.  So next time your Papillon goes potty in their designated potty spot give them a little reward.  Such rewards could be cuddles, praise or a small doggy treat.
  • Schedule
    When first starting out Papillon potty training it’s a good idea to organize a “potty schedule”.  For example, you should choose set times for when you are to take your Papillon to their designated potty spot.  Such times could be after your Papillon wakes from a sleep, after they have eaten or before they go to bed at night.  Sticking to this schedule will help lessen the chance of your Papillon having an accident on your nice clean floor.
  • Accidents
    Remember, your Papillon is bound to have some accidents.  If this happens it is vital that you don’t get angry (this includes never, ever hitting your Papillon or yelling at them).  If you get angry then this may make your Papillon anxious when in turn will just delay your potty training.  Instead, stay calm and quickly and quietly clean up the mess including removing any lingering odors so that your Papillon doesn’t try to go potty in the same location again.
  • Be Alert
    When Papillon potty training, it’s important to stay alert for any signs that your pet may be about to go potty.  Such signs include your Papillon smelling the ground or moving around in a circular motion.  If you see your Papillon doing any of these things then swiftly take them to their designated potty area.

There you have it – some great tips on Papillon potty training.  And remember – Papillon potty training will take time so try and remain patience throughout the process.  Your hard work and determination will be well worth it!

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