Papillon Obedience Training

Does your Papillon require some obedience training?  Well then keep on reading, as the following tips will help you get started!

Papillon obedience training is a must if you want a well-trained and well-behaved pet.  So take the below tips and information and start Papillon training today.Papillon Obedience Training

Papillon Obedience Training Tips

Below are some top tips you should follow when Papillon obedience training:

  • Be Consistent: It’s vital to remain consistent throughout all aspects of your Papillon obedience training.  If you are inconsistent then this may confuse your Papillon, which in turn could jeopardize your training.
  • Repeat Everything: You will need to repeat everything over and over again before your Papillon will know exactly what to do.
  • Patience: Remember, your Papillon does not understand your language.  Instead, they will learn through your body language and tone of voice.  Due to this it is vital that you remain patient and take your time with all aspects of your Papillon obedience training so as not to confuse your pet.
  • Rewards: A great way to encourage your Papillon throughout obedience training is by using rewards.  Rewards can be something as simple as a pat and praise or even a small treat.

Start with the Basics

It’s best to begin with the basics when Papillon obedience training – such as the basic commands sit and stay.  Below are some useful tips on teaching your Papillon these basic commands:

  • Sit: Sit is one of the most important things you can teach your Papillon.  The best way to teach your Papillon to sit is by holding a treat just above your Papillon’s head while they are standing.  Slowly move your hand back towards your Papillon’s tail.  By doing this your Papillon should automatically sit.  Once they sitting reward them with the treat that you were holding. Repeat this method this until your Papillon automatically sits on command.
  • Stay: Your Papillon ideally needs to know the sit command before you start teaching them stay.  Get your Papillon to sit and then walk away a short distance.  Hold your hand up flat and repeat the command “stay” – this could take some time so be patient.  If your Papillon stays then reward them.  Gradually increase the amount of time you leave your Papillon sitting before you let them come to you.

Papillon Obedience Training Classes

Taking your Papillon to an obedience class is a great way to teach your pet certain tasks or commands.  It is also a great way for you, their owner, to also learn some Papillon training tips.  Plus as an added bonus obedience classes offer a great opportunity for your Papillon to socialize with other dogs.  It’s important you choose the right class so do you research before you sign up.  And remember – obedience classes are only the beginning.  You will also have to continue your training at home – just like homework!

Papillon obedience training is a must if you want a well behaved and loyal pet.  So don’t delay!  Start Papillon obedience training in your household today!

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