Papillon Crate Training

Are you considering crate training your Papillon but wish to more learn on the topic first?  Well then keep on reading, as the following information all about Papillion crate training may help answer some of your questions.

  • Is Papillon crate training cruel?Papillon Crate Training!

    Firstly, do you think that crate training seems a little cruel?  Well you will be happy to learn that this is not true at all.  In reality, your Papillon will actually really enjoy their crate.  This is because it is in a dog’s nature to seek a small, safe haven to call their very own – as this is what dogs do in the wild.  A crate can provide this similar environment for your beloved Papillion.  So remember, crate training is not cruel at all – but in fact you’re doing your Papillion a favor by providing them a comfy, safe area just for them.

  • Start Crate Training as early as possible

    It’s best to start Papillion crate training as soon as possible – ideally from when your Papillion puppy first enters your home.  If you start early, then your Papillion will become familiar with their crate at a much faster rate.

  • The Crate Location

    It’s a good idea to locate your Papillion’s crate in a busy location such as the living room or even kitchen.  By doing this your Papillion will be less likely to become anxious while inside the crate.  This is because they will still be able to hear you and your family while inside the crate which will make them feel safe and secure.

  • Inside the Crate

    If the inside of the crate is comfy, cozy and fun then your Papillion will be more likely to enjoy being inside.   To do this you should include a comfy mattress, some nice blankets and fun toys inside the crate.

  • Crate Size

    Choosing the right sized crate is so important as if the crate is too big then your Papillion might go to the toilet inside.  If your Papillion is able to turn around easily inside the crate, but not wander, then the crate is a perfect size.  However, if your Papillion can wander and walk about inside the crate then it is probably a little big.  If you are confused about what size crate you should buy then your local pet store may be able to offer some suggestions based on your Papillion’s current size and age.

  • Upset Inside the Crate

    When you first start Papillion crate training, your Papillon may get a little upset while inside the crate.  In fact, they may even whine or bark while inside.  However, if this occurs it’s important that you do not take your Papillon out of the crate.  If you do this your Papillion will only associate whining with being let out of the crate.  Instead, wait until your Papillion has not made a sound for a couple of minutes.  Once this time is up, remove your Papillion from the crate and given them a cuddle or even a small treat.  Your Papillion will soon learn that being in the crate quietly equals rewards and they will be less likely to get upset in the crate in the future.

There you have it – some great tips and advice on Papillion crate training.  So don’t delay – start Papillion crate training today!

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