About Papillon Foods

Are you looking for advice on what you should be feeding your Papillon?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  So keep reading for some great information on Papillon foods!

The following questions and answers may help answer some of your queries in regards to Papillon foods.About Papillon Foods

  • How much should I be feeding my Papillon?

    The amount you need to feed your Papillon will depend on how much they weigh, their size and of course their age.  For instance, a Papillon puppy will not be fed nearly as much as a fully-grown Papillon.  If you are confused on exactly how much you should feed your Papillon then it might be good to consult your vet.  They should be able to offer you advice based on your Papillon’s weight, their current age and their size.

  • How do I choose a brand of dog food for my Papillon?

    It’s best to go for a dependable brand of dog food for your Papillon.  However, you should also check the back of the packet as well to make sure it has all the important nutrients and ingredients your Papillon needs.  The top ingredient you should look for should be a type of meat.  If it’s not meat but instead something like wheat then it is probably best you choose a different brand of food for your Papillon.

  • Should I go for wet or dry Papillon foods?

    Ideally, you should really pick dry food over wet for your Papillon.  This is due to the fact that dry food can actually help in looking after your Papillon’s teeth and gums.  Not only will the dry food help your Papillon’s teeth stay clean but it may also help deter some future teeth problems such as decay.

  • Can I make my own Papillon foods?

    It is completely okay to make your own Papillon foods.  But, if you do decide to make your own, then it is very important that the food includes all the important ingredients and nutrients that your Papillon needs.

  • Can I use food to reward my Papillon during training?

    It’s okay to encourage your Papillon during training with a small doggy food treat every now and then.  However, it is important that you do not give your Papillon too many of these treats.  If you give them too many then it may cause your Papillon to become overweight which could be very detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

  • Is it okay to give my Papillon a bone every now and then?

    This is completely okay – in fact you can give your Papillon a bone almost every second day.  As not only are bones a yummy treat but they can also aid in looking after your Papillon teeth.

  • What foods shouldn’t I feed my Papillon?

    Some foods can be extremely harmful to Papillon’s.  Such foods include chicken bones, cookies, chocolate, sweets and junk food to name a few.  Therefore, make sure these foods are out of reach of your Papillon at all times.  Plus, if you think your Papillon has become unwell due to a certain type of food then quickly take them to your vet for a full checkup.

Choosing the right Papillon foods is so important.  So take the advice from this article and start feeding your Papillon a healthy and nutritious diet.

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